Monday, January 10, 2011

Power Up BS!

There have been a series of ridiculous commercials running on NHK, Japan's national broadcasting corporation,that took me a while to understand what in the world they meant. They each run about 5 second long, and they have become much more elaborate as the months go on, but here is the most basic clip.

The character, if you don't already recognize it, is Domo-kun. Domo-kun is a character from a children's TV show, but is also the acting mascot for NHK's satellite broadcasting system (BS).

Japan has not made the switch to digital broadcasting yet, so in July of 2011 they will be converting entirely to digital. The US made the transition a couple years back, so it's not all that dissimilar. We too had months of warning ahead of time, but mostly via nightly local news.

Still, I can't help but laugh every time one of these commercials pops on for a few seconds. I guess it's kind of difficult to rewire the brain to thinking BS stands for broadcasting system.

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  1. On this topic, I believe that it was supposed to have happened this year in August or so, but was pushed back as it was in the states as well. I'm not 100% sure on that though, just going off of memory.


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