Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Never been so scared of gloves in my life

Early this morning I had the most horrific experience of my stay thus far.

Last night I went to bed a little earlier than normal after studying for todays vocabulary quiz. I awoke around 3:30 AM and rolled over on my side. My eyes met with a pile of gloves, about six pairs, concentrated on the balcony just outside the glass pane that serves as my window. I was certain that they had not been there when I went to sleep.

My futon is situated just inside the window, and the pile was right next to where I lay. Common sense told me that being on the second floor, no one could have climbed up there, but even burying myself in my comforters didn't help quell my discomfort over the inexplicable appearance of these gloves.

I am very accustomed to using curtains and blinds, particularly when I sleep, even on an elevated floor. I find the isolation is comforting. I absolutely hate the idea of someone looking in when I am unaware, even if the likelihood someone could climb to my window ledge or balcony is nil. Unfortunately, having an entire wall that serves as a window with no curtains or blinds, so I feel vulnerable.

I tried my best to calm my racing heart, but I desperately needed to use the restroom. I jumped over to my light switch and knocked on my host parents' door. I wasn't sure what else I should do. I told them somethign was strange, and my host mom came out to check.

I explained how I was certain these gloves were not at my side when I went to bed, and that them being there was terrifyingly strange. My host mom gave me a quizzical look and said that they were there when I went to bed because she herself had set them out there to dry earlier that day.

I am sure she won't be setting anything outside my room to dry from now on, lest I disturb their slumbers once again.


  1. found you through twitter. I like how you have a page and then another page attached to this site. What's that? By the way, you goin' to Sapporo? I am too.

  2. Yeah, we're in Sapporo through tomorrow and leave Tues morning. Haven't had internet. Thanks for the comment!

    The page I have linked to this is just a flavors.me site. You can compile all your separate projects into a personal homepage. Good for personal branding I think. I only have the free account, but I'm thinking of upgrading to paid. More features.

    We plan on hanging around Suskino and Odori tomorrow most of the day, and the Kirin Beer Garden in Nakajima Koen for dinner. Feel free to spot me out and say, "Hi!"

  3. hahhaa must've been a freaky experience, especially considering that Japan has a huge variety of ghosts!

    Hey! Why not ask your host parents for a few of their haunted experiences? I'd love to read a post about that since the Japanese horror genre is a global favorite.

    Nice posts again, I'll be following :D

  4. Thanks for following!

    I was less concerned about ghosts as much as I was about perverts. Japan has some pretty strange fetishes, and the thought of being the victim of veuyerism is not something I'm comfortable with.

    That being said, Japanese folklore on the supernatural is quite fascinating. I took a year long seminar on East Asian supernatural folklore last year. I'll see about getting a post about that in here.


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