Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tribute to a Friend: Not to be forgotten

It takes but a moment for everything you knew to change. This week the unforeseeable happened and my short year of studies in Japan became undesirably prolonged, not in actual length but perspective.

The loss of a best friend has exposed how truly far away from home I am. What seemed not so very far has become a world away and I would like nothing more to be back home among friends and family during this trying time.

It’s so difficult to believe that when I go home next summer, the people I have held close will be one less. My friend, classmate, dorm/room/apartment mate of three years won’t be around to share a fifth year of college, while just days ago we were discussing living arrangements.

Dylan was so easy going and enjoyed life more than anyone I know. Just being around him it was difficult to not share in his endlessly positive attitude. He knew how to combat negative attitudes in a way no one could hold out against.

The time lost with him when he was intensifying his Spanish studies by going abroad to Spain was time gained by others. By the time he came back it was only a short time before I was off on my own study abroad adventure. As anyone would, I anticipated all my friends being there awaiting my return. It’s hard to accept that it will not be the case, but it puts many things back into perspective.

My complaints about school now seem worthless. That’s something I can deal with without exacerbating my aggravations. I’d rather spend the energy on not letting Dylan’s memory fade.

So many funny stories and goofy antics; they just don’t come in quite the variety Dylan so easily provided. It’s something we’ll never be able to replace, not that I would even consider trying.

It’s worth more to treasure the memories and time we shared. I am grateful to have had such a great friend and wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

My thoughts remain strongly with Dylan’s family and friends, as we all share this loss, in hope that we can all celebrate in the memory of his profound positive impact on all of our lives.

Dylan’s lease on life would be what we all should strive to make our own. The world would be a better place.
Thank you, Dylan.


  1. Thank you so much for that touching post Evan. It really means a lot to see how loved Dylan was by us all. I feel like our feelings are strikingly similar. You're totally right. It IS worth more to treasure the memories and time we shared together. I too am unbelievable grateful to have had Dylan as a friend. Thank you again for sharing this with us.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this, Evan, it means so much to us. I wish so badly that you could be here with us, helping us through this terrible time. Still, even though you're an ocean away, you're with us in our thoughts. Dylan meant so much to us, and you meant so much to Dylan. We'll never forget him. Just remember that, even if our group is one short, the rest of us will still be waiting here for your return. We'll have to love you all the more to fill in the gap that Dylan left behind. And we're going to do just that.

    Miss you, thinking about you...

    ~*~ Jamie ~*~

  3. All I can say is reading these blogs helps keep Dylan alive for me. It reminds me that he is loved by SO many people and to me that is comforting. I have known Dylan since 6th grade (drama) and damn it if I'd ever stop being his friend! He will always be a current friend of mine...because let's be honest...he's just too difficult and too special to put "in the past"...never!

    I love that all of his close friends, the ones that really knew him, are honoring him in their own way.

    Best to you Evan, and I'm definitely thinking of you. You may be continents away, but you are in my heart and thoughts!

    Jeanie :)

  4. That was beautiful, man. I hope that it helped you like I know it helps those that read it.

  5. This is just gorgeous. I'm still so, so sorry to hear about this loss, but like Erik said: I hope this brought you some help.


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