Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

If there's one thing that I've become unfortunately paranoid of since my arrival, it's most definitely the bugs. Compared to the American varieties, Japanese bugs are bigger in scale and more touchy-feely.

I encountered the shower spider a few more times this week, and once even tried to kill it, but that arachnid is faster than anything I've ever encountered before. Needless to say, he's still there waiting to eat me when I least expect it.

My paranoia gave me the scare of a lifetime the other night as I was playing Pokemon Pearl on my Nintendo DSi, celebrating having finished my homework through Thursday. As I laid on my futon in the dark, the only illumination coming from the bright DS screen, all of a sudden something climbed on my hair. I freaked and ran across the room to turn on the light.

As I searched for the culprit I caught a glimpse of a lump of something a slightly different shade than the floorboards.

To my pleasant surprise it was not a giant spider, rather it was a cute little lizard, of the likes I have encountered a few times in my room. He scurried into my cupboard to hide.

From Japan

In the morning, he had traveled to my screen door where I assisted him in his escape, but not before snapping a few pictures. He may look big, but he was only about two inches long.

From Japan

I've got to be a bit more aware of my late night gaming becoming a beacon for the creepy crawlies. I guess a petty foreigner can't even avoid drawing attention to himself in his own room.


  1. The bright side of Spiders is that they eat other bugs, so if he is still around that means he is feasting on the other bugs that are looking for a snack. Maybe it is a good thing he is still alive..

    Love you very much..Mom

  2. Hahaha, you're dealing with the geckos now. I love Japan's geckos. They especially come out after it rains. Unfortunately, my first encounter with a gecko in Japan was finding one in the street without a tail because Hippo the neighborhood cat was eating it >_< But I saw more live ones after that. I think the geckos are sooo cute. They'll disappear when it gets cold, but they're always around when it's warm!

  3. I love the geckos. They can invade my room whenever.


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