Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spidery tales

Yeah, yeah. Filler post. I promise something more substantial in the next two days.

Since my battles with oversized arachnids seems to catch some attention, I'll expand a little more on my encounters over the last week.

I never thought I would consider spiders the size of quarters to be "small," but in comparison they seem like hardly an issue.

My shower spider has expanded his territory to the remainder of the first floor. One night as I was watching TV with my host parents I observed him effortlessly scaling across the array of picture frames and figurines on the counter top.  Before I knew it, he was charging at me midway along the glass sliding door. I freaked a bit, but my host parents just laughed and said he was harmless.

A couple of days ago I noticed a shriveled carcass of a spider in that same area, hoping he had met his end. Not two hours later did I realize he appeared there by the carcass and was feasting on his fallen friend!

Apparently there were two similarly sized spiders residing in our house. As nature would have it, the spider I have been referring to as a "he" until this point is likely to be a "she." Female spiders do have a tendency to eat their mates.

To possibly validate this realization, I have successfully killed three smaller spiders of the same variety in my bedroom in the last two weeks. They were about the size of an American quarter, so I assume they were not newly hatched but have also been dwelling within our house unnoticed.

My host parents are completely indifferent about the spiders because they eat the mosquitoes, but I still would prefer if they would choose to do so outside.

Even the smaller spiders take several attempts to successfully kill though because they are unbelievably fast.

I now wish my sleeping situation was not at floor level.

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