Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First week of classes complete

While I would like to focus more on the cultural experiences I have while I'm here, I figure I'll share a bit about school while things are still coming together.

I start out every weekday with a glorious 3-4 hours of Japanese (it varies by the day). I tested into IJ500 which is the second highest level offered first semester at Nanzan University.

In the afternoons we have a selection of lecture courses to choose from, each meeting only once a week for about 2 hours. I chose to register for Business Japanese to build my communication skills, Japanese Culture and Art to add to my E. Asian studies, Japanese Writing-II (which will meet for the first time tomorrow with a writing analysis to decide whether we should take Writing-I or move up to Intro to Advanced Writing, so I might be too advanced for Writing-II), and last but not least Japanese History.

Homework is already consuming my massive desk, but I'm making sure to balance out the work with some fun. Karaoke should count for college credit, in my honest opinion.

My fellow study abroad students total up to around 140 people originating from 25 different countries. I'd say that's satisfactorily diverse. People are always so interesting.

Of course, I'm making friends with Japanese students as well. It would be difficult to avoid that seeing as they strongly outnumber us.

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